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Meet the team!

Owner and key designer

Questions / Secretary / Organizer
All your questions can be sent to JK or myself. We are able to answer any questions you may have.

Guest artists // Main admins
:iconcynical-pancake: :icona-psycho-banana: :iconjkdreamer:
*Please note these members are only allowed to create up to 6 adopts per month, Unlimited traits. With the exception of events.

:iconlolitacynder: :iconcrystalquill::iconkawaii-antagonist: :iconvioclipse: :iconinuinuie:
Admins are given a monthly MYO slot with unlimited traits NONE royal. This does not include mutations or necrosis.
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Your quick and easy guide to Questing!
We're always happy to answer any questions you do have, usually found in the FAQ! However this section is purely for the Quest system! We hope you enjoy our new system of earning you rewards for your Dextroluma!

Special Event Quest
Here we feature the special quests that gain more points than usual. These quests are usually seasonal.

Sub Quests
The most fun, crazy and enjoyable quests by far! Here is where you have fun with your Dextroluma! Any Dextro can take part in these sub Quests. Dextroluma holidays are featured here as well as seasonal quests

Main Quest line
The basic, straight forward Quest line. For those who want to expand their Dextroluma bios and develop them more as a character. This Quest line has you interact with many different things in the Dextroluma kingdom such as royals, real time events, corruption and more.

Corrupt Quest line
A Questline strictly for those with a darker side. Corrupt questers MUST own a corrupted Dextroluma to take part in these quests.

For more information on the quests please visit
Testing | Dextroluma QuestlineQ U I C K . L I N K S
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Masterlist of all Dextroluma Quest related posts!

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Make sure to submit your Quest to the group!

Questions and Answers



Secret Santa 2017

This year we hosted a Secret Santa exchange with some beautiful artwork in all kinds of styles, showcasing your wonderful dextros! ♥
Here is a look at all of the wonderful members who took part~

Gift | Dextro Secret Santa 2018 by CrystalQuill [ ss ] plushieemokid by cthonicsquid Dextroluma Secret Santa by plushieemokid Astra ~Secret Santa~ {Dextroluma} by Irri-Kirrillee dextroluma secret santa by cvrryspice Have a Grumpy Holiday by Homicidal-Bunny [Secret Santa] Sitting By The Fire by Necromouser [SS] Merry Christmas  by Miss-Trinity Dextroluma Secret Santa 2017 by ThunderBulletX Secret Santa: Li-Xiang by zarkadi-e Dextroluma Secret Santa 2017 by ArtWeazel :SS: ArtWeazel by Luciifyr Dextroluma Secret Santa by keokotheshadowfang Holiday Exchange // Kadin by SS-Trashboat Dextro Secret Santa by octisqueesh Dextroluma Secret Santa: Bauby by li-xiang Dextro SS: Serena by Erii-chii [SS] Its Cold Outside by xX-PettyPrince-Xx [SECRET SANTA] for cvrryspice by MissBlubb SS AT: CrystalQuill by ChaoticallyKhaos SS Dextroluma 2017 by Inuinuie SS: Lets get Down by Cynical-Pancake [Secret Santa ] : Dextroluma by JKDreamer Serect Santa gift art by CrownedPhantom Dextroluma Secret Santa~ by JKDreamer
Dextroluma Secret Santa by CherryEmpress

Mature Content

SS: Magical by Thoughtful-Stargazer
Dextro Exchange Luna by nickyflamingo SS: First Time For EverythingIt’s often said that doing things for the first time is exciting to the point where you feel butterflies in your stomach. With Emery, that could have literally been the case, as the small fairy Dextro stood at the edge of the arctic region, their shiny eyes glancing over the cold, snow covered ground everywhere around them.
     They had heard of snow before, that wasn’t a secret, Emery had friends across the different regions that they kept regular contact with, but seeing the snow with their own two eyes was a first for Emery. The other Dextro had told them it was cold, Emery hadn’t been expecting it to be this shiny, almost hurting their eyes the more they kept looking at it. Dextros outside the cold regions would say it wasn’t that much fun to be around, that it was cold and got wet really fast and required too much effort to get rid off afterwards, but even after all of that Emery was too curious about it to not take a trip to see it for them
[SS] A design for a Christmas Fashion Show.It was a week before the Christmas fashion show and Yanna still haven't thought up a unique clothing design for her model for her competition entry, she paced around her room but no ideas were coming to her currently, she stopped and thought to herself 'Instead of pacing around like this, I should go outside and look around my region and get inspiration for my entry' she stepped out of her workshop and took a look around the Volcano region where she lived. Holding her notebook in her hands and started taking notes from everything she saw. Their world had very little resources for clothing materials but somehow Yanna always manages to make the most elaborate clothing designs and the colour she puts into was astounding right now she was having trouble thinking up a design but that didn't stop her though she would go outside and take notes and inspiration from the nature all around her she would even travel to other regions to get inspiration there also and the warmth of the V

Thank you all for taking part!

Dextroluma of the month

Dextroluma of the month!

Belongs to StefBani
♥ Art created by Lunathyst and SmolQueenBean ♥ Original design by Lunathyst
+ Pastel Goddess + by Lunathyst C | Pastel Goddess by SmolQueenBean

This sweet pastel goddess is owned by StefBani who though she has gotten her recently, has showered her with love and attention! Art of her has been floating into the group and around the community and really stood out to us as a pick or February. We look forward to seeing more of your elegant Dextroluma child so congrats dear! <3

Rewards:If you draw this Dextroluma you will gain 5 Crystals!

Featured artist

Featured Artist

Skinny dip by SmolQueenBean Dazzling by SmolQueenBean

SmolQueenBean has been showing off her art skills after joining the community and the group is often filled with her works! Either commissioned or art of her own personal ocean child, they easily stood out to us and we wanted to feature them for the month of February. We hope to only see more from you in the future,congrats dear! <3

Rewards: If you commission this artist to draw your Dextroluma you will gain 5 Crystals!
*note to artists, please keep a track of who has commissioned you during the month of February! <3 Thank you


Frequently asked questions

Please visit the link below for the FAQ! We are always welcoming new questions so don't be afraid to ask ♥





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